Taggiasca olive spread – 180 gr. jar


INFORMATION Taggiasca Olive Spread is a delicious speciality made with taggiasca stoned olives reduced to a fine and creamy paste.

COOKING USE Ideal for spreading on toast to taste all its flavor or to use for many meat or pasta recipes.

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INGREDIENTS Stoned olives 93%, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

-Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat sources. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator covered with oil.

📃 Nutrition declaration per 100 g of product Nutritional values ​​100gr of drained product Calories 289.3 cal / 1189.1 KJ Fat 30.2 g of which saturated 3.8 g Carbohydrates <0.55 g of which sugars <0.05 g Protein 1.6 g Salt 3.4 g Fibers 5.8 g

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