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New arvest

Every year our harvesting started in December until the end of January.


We put tents on the ground in our two orchard in “Ciambairè” and in “Morgi”, two locations in Rocchetta Nervina’s village, and we start with the harvesting.


To harvest we use the method called hand-picking because this allows we make an excellent extra virgin olive oil.


During the harvesting all the family collaborate and we spent together all the day. In particular, Luca’s father, is the only able to climb on our centenarian olives trees to hand-pick with a long stick the most high olives.


At the end of the day, every evening we put the olive in a basket and we bring them to our cellar where we remove all the leaf.


Finally we can bring our olives to the olive press of the village to mill them.


During the spring we prune our olive trees and we cut the grass, waiting the next harvesting.