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About Us

Our dream

The Cuvea farm was born from the desire (in Ligurian dialect “cuvea”) of two, at the time, young spouses to follow the passion for their land through an initiative capable of making known the authentic flavors of Liguria.

So back in 2010 we decided to transform the two hectares of family olive groves into a small farm with the aim of producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil from Taggiasca olive only.

Alongside the limited edition production of Taggiasca oil, we decided to expand our offer by offering a wide range of typical Ligurian products that represent the excellence of the Riviera di Ponente.

Our philosophy

Our business is based on some fundamental values ​​that summarize our way of life: family, love for the territory and the pursuit of quality.

First of all, the family as the company, fortunately, allows us to work together according to a humanly sustainable lifestyle.

Secondly, the love for our land instead pushed us to create this business that aims to discover the gastronomic excellence of the Ligurian Riviera.

Finally, our cornerstone: the quality we offer unconditionally to our customers by producing the delicacies of the Ligurian tradition with top quality, natural and genuine ingredients (hence the choice to offer only products without preservatives and without dyes).

Commitment to the environment

“Our company commits itself through small gestures, based on the culture of recycling and material recovery, to a more sustainable consumption of our resources.”

Luca Gastaudo, owner of the Cuvea farm

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