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taggiasca extra virgin olive oil Cuvea
Taggiasca Olivesfrom the Italian RivieraShop Now
Taggiasca Olive oil just arvested in our orchard in Liguria
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Why choosing us?

Because love guides our work just as it is depicted in our logo: the love for our land, Liguria, and its food, the choice to a family-based business, the passion for the human relationship with customers or for doing things well.

Only typical handcrafted products

In our store you will find only traditional Ligurian products. We are a small family farm that loves its land, its food, Taggiasca olives and the superb extra virgin olive oil that comes from this extraordinary and sweet monocultivar produced in our limited edition olive groves.

Simple recipes and selected ingredients

We love good food made in the simplest way possible: this is why our artisanal products are made with top quality ingredients without preservatives and without dyes. Just look at the list of ingredients to understand a difference that even the palate does not betray.

Superior customer support

We believe in the human relationship with our customers as a unique value for this we personally follow it. Always at your disposal at 0184 1956080, on whatsapp at 349 4010735, via chat, via email at

Attention to the environment

Caring for the environment is our personal and corporate priority. We therefore decided to cut down on the use of plastic by using only glass containers and 100% recycled and recyclable certified filling paper certified “Der Blaue Engel”. Our bubble film is also green, i.e. made using recycled material and renewable energy.

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Find out who we are and what they say about us

We are a small family-based farm.

We have transformed our passion into work based on a humanly sustainable lifestyle.

The love for our land has pushed us to create this business with the mission of discovering the culinarian excellence of the Ligurian Riviera.

Luca Gastaudo, owner of the Cuvea farm

Your guarantee, our name

5 stars on 99% positive feedback

“The Ligurian extra virgin olive oil of Cuvea Taggiasca olives is a very fragrant oil that enhances every dish, giving it taste and emphasizing the aromas with elegance, without overdoing the various ingredients, but” caressing them “wrapping them with taste”

“Cuvea’s pitted Taggiasca olives are excellent for cooking preparations, in fact they retain all their wonderful aroma and particular taste. I also recommend them for ethnic dishes such as the Lamb Tajine since they give an unmistakable note of character to the dish. “

Daniela Di Veroli Personal Chef at ABCHEF